Giant Bomb talks to Gearbox about Duke

by: Sean Colleli -
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There have been a lot of great stories about Gearbox's last-minute saving throw for Duke Nukem Forever, but this interview with Giant Bomb summarizes it nicely. Randy Pitchford and Jeff Gerstmann, two industry personalities who are very cool guys I respect a lot, discuss the details of how the King was saved from cancellation.

Pitchford is the self-described biggest fan of Duke Nukem, and while that gives me some confidence, he and Gearbox are also highly competent and successful developers with a strong track record. I think Gerstmann is right: this whole story would make a great book. It's one of gaming's biggest downward spirals turned into a triumphant redemption, by a perfect storm of timing, goodwill, success and just plain luck. Regardless of how Duke Nukem Forever turns out, that's one hell of an accomplishment.
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