Get a custom Resident Evil Chopper. Wait, what?

by: Chad -
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As an avid scooter fan, I don't belong in the same class of two wheeled aficionado that would buy this.  It's still extremely awesome and fans of Resident Evil should be impressed.  Capcom has teamed up with Savage Cycles for a Resident Evil Chopper. 

Each bike will be custom built by Savage Cycles and will only be available for a limited number of fans.  The first bike will be finished next month, so I'm sure we'll see more pictures once it's done. 

Until then, check out the design drawing below and click here for more info and work-in-progress pictures.

Wanted to drop you a line to introduce you to Capcom's latest, possibly most unusual licensing deal in recent history: the Resident Evil custom chopper. Built by Savage Cycles ( in collaboration with Capcom, the Resident Evil Chopper is the ultimate fusion of survival horror and outlaw bike. Each bike is custom built by the artisans at Savage and will be available for purchase in limited number by Capcom fans and chopper enthusiasts alike.

The first RE Chopper will be finished in earl January, but you can catch a glimpse of the design and build process documented on Capcom Unity, which I have Tiny URL'd for your convenience:
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