Gears Tourney Carnage: Two Teams, One Clan

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GamingNexus and XboxAmerica would like to congratulate Team vBi for winning the Holiday Gears of War tournament sponsored by Mad Catz.  See the details section for the full story.

After three hours of intense competition and carnage, the finals of the GamingNexus and XboxAmerica Gears of War Tournament came down to two very familiar teams fighting for the title of Champion....

The tournament kicked off with a couple of play-in matches on the Rooftop map to get to the main bracket due to the overwhelming amount of responses that were received. Fortunately for Team S1ck and the tournament was expanded to 18 teams, as they were not only the last two teams in, but managed a great showing by working themselves deep into the bracket. Unfortunately, the first No Show (one of six) became a premonition for the main bracket, but the good teams didn't really need the help.

The main bracket quickly filtered its way down after matches in the Canals and Mansion. The final four was comprised of three separate clans representing Team vBi (Team vBi and Violent by Instinct), and the PMS Clan. Based on the bracket results, it quickly became validated that good teamwork and familiarity of your team members are one of the keys to being successful in Gears of War multi-player.

The first semi-final was between Team vBi and PMS Clan Alpha. Team vBi appeared to have the easier path, with a 3-0, 3-0 pasting of Team Hermetic and then a forfeit win, while PMS Clan Alpha received a forfeit, but overcame a shutout loss in the first match to come back and win 0-3, 3-0, 3-0 to take the win over Team S1ck. Even though PMS Alpha looked to have warmed up against Team S1ck, they were beaten soundly by Team vBi 3-0, 3-1.

The other semi-final was between and Violent by Instinct. TotalOnlinePlay had the easiest path of any final four team, with two forfeit victories and then a hard fought battle against Get Stuck, ultimately winning 3-0, 0-3, 3-2. Violent by Instinct had the hardest path of any final four team, actually having to play every match, beating militant Corpses, and Brand New by identical 3-0, 3-1 scores, before changing it up a bit and beating TotalOnlinePlay 3-0, 3-2 to get to the finals.

Other teams that participated (and showed to play) in the tourney were XBO's Elite (Smoked 3-0, 3-0 by Brand New) and PMS Team Bravo (First round loss to Get Stuck 3-0, 3-1).

The Finals found Team vBi against Violent by Instinct with a couple of rule changes, five rounds to win each match and the game type changed to Execution instead of Warzone. While it didn't seem to make much difference to either team, Team vBi was able to drill Violent by Instinct 5-0 in the first match, and then take a close second match 5-4 to become the Tournament Champions.

For their efforts, the members of Team vBi (arCtiC vBi, OraNgE vBi and Wraith vBi) will each receive a brand new Mad Catz Gears of War Limited Edition Faceplate, Mad Catz ARCADE GameSTICK and Xbox 360 Wristband. Violent by Instinct members will each receive a Xbox 360 wristband.

Despite the no-shows, the tournament was very much a success and XboxAmerica will be making a new tournament announcement in the near future.

XboxAmerica and would like to give a special thanks to Mad Catz for sponsoring the tournament and providing the fine prizes.

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