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Website GameTrailers has kind of taken over where G4 failed, with their video reviews and excellent retrospective features.  Their latest series will be called Invisible Walls, a weekly show where the GT editors dish on current games and events in the industry and community.  The series begins March 13th at 6pm Pacific Time.  Check the release for the full list of shoe segments--I'm beginning to look forward to this.



The All-New Original Weekly Series Lets Gamers Get Personal with the
Savvy and Slightly Deranged GT Editorial Team

GameTrailers (GT), the reigning video destination for gamers, announced today the addition of "Invisible Walls" to its expansive video programming line-up. The new, weekly original show, which premiers Thursday, March 13th, offers gamers unique access to the GT editorial team's information and opinions like never before. Represented by small caricatures, the people behind the lofty game video curtain will comment and debate on the latest hot industry topics while footage supporting the conversation will be showcased on screen for users.

Specific segments include:

·    One-Word Reviews - The GT editorial staff is given one word to describe their impression of a hot new game

·    Perfecting the Game - The GT editorial staff discuss what changes could be made to a franchise or genre in order for them to reach perfection

·    Head-to-Head - Two GT editors go head-to-head in a debate over current videogame hot topics

·    Import Corner - A rundown of the hottest games from overseas

·    Faceoff - The GT Editorial staff compare movies and their videogame counterparts

·    Fact or Fiction - The GT editorial staff analyze the top rumors of the week

·    On the Hook - The GT editorial staff answer user questions

·    Top Five Pieces of Media of the Week


Premiering Thursday, March 13th at 6pm PT

About GameTrailers
GameTrailers (GT) is the premier video destination for gaming entertainment and information. GT delivers timely, high-resolution broadband video content for gamers including original shows, video reviews, game trailers and comprehensive video coverage of gaming events from around the world.  GT also has a robust community that features user-generated content, a community marketplace and a variety of communication tools so gamers can talk to friends and share media such as fan movies, machinima and daily blogs.  GT has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York and is a division of Viacom Inc.'s (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B) MTV Networks Entertainment Group.
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