Gamer's Gate Partners with 1C for Digital Distribution

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Competition is good. Greed is good. I think that's how that line goes from Wall Street. Anyways, the gist here is that 1C is working with someone other than steam. And while most of these games aren't the biggest in the world, I am intrigued by a game called "You are Empty". Do you think your character goes around yelling that at people before filling them with lead? Perhaps he yells it at his guns when he's out of ammo. Either way, it's something I might take a look at.
Gamer's Gate becomes 1C's preferred partner for digital distribution

Stockholm, Sweden (May 30, 2007) - Leading digital download portal Gamers Gate announced today that the biggest Eastern and Central European publisher and developer 1C has signed a deal making the portal their preferred partner for online distribution. Through the deal, the rights to the extensive 1C portfolio have been secured.

The agreement covers a wide range of titles, including recently released games like critically acclaimed Star Wolves 2, Dawn of Magic and Whirlwind of Vietnam as well as some titles that have not yet been released outside Russia such as first-person shooter You are Empty and turn-based fantasy strategy game Ascension to the Throne. The agreement also covers the entire portfolio of upcoming titles like long-awaited Death to Spies, King's Bounty: the Legend and Fantasy Wars.

"1C is one of the fastest growing and most exciting companies right now and this deal will get the company even closer to their goal of becoming a dominant player in the global gaming industry" said Fredrik Wester, Executive Vice President of Gamers Gate. "In addition this agreement confirms the status of Gamers Gate as one of the leading download portals in the world".

"We are happy to work together with Gamers Gate. This is a great opportunity to increase the market for our products and attract new customers," adds Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director, 1C Company. "Gamers all across the world will have a chance to play our titles no matter whether they are in retail or not. Digital distribution is evolving rapidly and it has the potential to become one of the most popular sales channels for the games industry."

The first titles including first-person shooter You are Empty and action RPG Star Wolves 2 will be released on Wednesday May 30.

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