Game Informer unveils Rainbow Six: Patriots

by: John -
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Ah, Rainbow Six. It's been a long time. The last few times you guys were seeing action in Las Vegas. Ubisoft's got a long way to go before releasing the newly announced Rainbow Six: Patriots, but that didn't stop them from releasing a prototype video. Game Informer has the video and a little information about it.

Rather than having someone leak the video, Ubisoft did the smart thing and unveiled it themselves. Now, it's not actual gameplay video, but rather a target for what they want to do for gameplay. They're going for a more story driven single player mode and hoping to take the model that Call of Duty has to the next level.

I've loved the Rainbow Six series so I'm excited to see it coming back. The footage looks interesting and it shows some tough choices you have to make as well as having the story being told from a few different views in a short amount of time. 2013 is the target year, but enjoy what they have now until we see some actual gameplay footage.
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