GOG.com reruns "Buy One, Get One Free" promo from its release a year ago

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To celebrate GOG.com’s one-year anniversary and their accumulation of 30 publishers and developers and 140 DRM-free classic PC games, the site is offering the promo that they imparted on gamers during the launch of the Early Access Beta.

Running through Tuesday, September 8th, you can buy any game from the Interplay catalogue and get a second free. This offer is not limited to one game each – so place orders in pairs and get half of that order for free. For those of you who cannot get on the site (as it is probaby overloading with users) the details are below:

We're celebrating the one-year anniversary of our Early Access Beta launch with a rerun of our "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" Interplay promo! From now until Tuesday, September 8 at 11:59 p.m. EDT you can buy any game from the Interplay catalogue and get another absolutely free! To take advantage of the promo just select the games you want from the list above. You have to place order on games in pairs ex. two, four... ten games in one order, to get half of them for free. Please remember, the promo works within the order, you will not receive any coupons to redeem free games after your purchase is complete. If you select odd number of games you will only receive the paired games for free. You can't exchange games once you've completed your purchase. We take no responsibility for not completing a pair of games which means that you've selected 1 game but not the free game, we will not issue gifts after purchase - please make sure you've selected carefully and correctly. Please note that this promotion cannot be combined with other promotions currently ongoing on GOG.com and it doesn't work if you're gifting games from the promotion! If you need our assistance or have any questions concerning the promotion, please contact us at promotions@gog.com.
Buy One, Get One Free Promo to Celebrate GOG.com One-Year Anniversary Month

Experience the DRM-free rebirth of classic PC gaming with an awesome deal on games including Fallout, Freespace and Sacrifice

Warsaw, Poland – September 2, 2009. GOG.com (http://www.gog.com), quite possibly the best thing to happen to hit the Internet since the dancing baby, has majestically completed its first year in the public eye. The idea that was born in the minds of a few reminiscing gamers who missed some of their favorite games of yesteryear has turned out to be a great success.

GOG.com launched the Early Access Beta at the beginning of September 2008 with just two publishers (Interplay and Codemasters) onboard and about 40 games in its catalogue. Since then close to 30 publishers and developers have embraced GOG’s brand of DRM-free digital distribution and signed worldwide deals with the site. Together they offer GOG’s enthusiastic fan community nearly 140 classic games, including such gems from PC gaming’s past as the Fallout series, Heroes of Might and Magic® I through III, Duke Nukem 3D and Beneath a Steel Sky, which is offered for free to all GOG.com users.

To celebrate this monumental first anniversary, the GOG.com team is going retro with a rerun of the popular “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” promo that accompanied the launch of the Early Access Beta. Until Tuesday, September 8, gamers can buy any game from GOG.com’s Interplay catalogue and get another free! You could buy Fallout 1 and 2 for just $5.99 for countless hours of classic-gaming goodness!

“Looking back at the first year, I think we can say it's been a really successful time for us – we’ve added lots of great publishing partners and amazing games. But we couldn't have achieved any of that success without the fans who support us in so many ways. We decided to say thank you to our fans and run this promo,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of GOG.com. “We know there are still a lot of things to improve and a lot of games to be revived, but we're just starting and the future is looking really bright for us. We have some big announcements lined up for fall and winter, so be sure to keep an eye on GOG.com.”
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