Fulgore, arcade mode and online lobbies coming to Killer Instinct on April 9th.

by: Nathan -
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The good news? Fulgore will finally be making his debut in the new Killer Instinct very soon. The bad news? Unfortunately he is going to be delayed by a few weeks. Originally scheduled for a March release, it seems that the big update for Killer Instinct will be pushed back until April 9th. To me this is understandable as this update will be the biggest to date for Killer instinct and will include Fulgore, his new stage, Arcade Mode, and 8 player online lobbies. 

Also this will be the final piece of content created for the game by Double Helix as they will be handing over the game to Dive Kick developers Iron Galaxy. We got a bunch of awesome content by Double Helix for the first season of the game so I am very interested to see what Iron Galaxy can bring to the table when more content comes to the game next year.

One final note. Whomever put this trailer together deserves an award as Fulgore attacking Orchid to the beat of the music is absolutely amazing. Hey, there is an idea for a new kind of fighting game. Someone patent that before it's too late! 

Check out Fulgore's trailer below courtesy of Maximillian Dood on Youtube. 

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