Free to Play Dead Or Alive 5: Core Fighters releases on the Playstation Network

by: Nathan -
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Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate hit stores today, which is an updated version of last years Dead Or Alive 5. This new version includes new characters, stages, tons of new costumes, training modes, game modes and other additions. 

I'm sure all the huge Dead Or Alive fans already got their copies, but if you are on the fence about the game then there is a solution. Today, on the Playstation Network, Dead Or Alive 5: Core Fighters was released and is a free to play version of Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate

Dead Or Alive 5: Core Fighters includes all the same content that is featured in Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate, except for most of the roster and the story mode. Core Fighters gives you Hayate, Ryu, Ayanne and Kasumi for free. The rest of the roster can either be purchased individually for $3.99 each or together in a bundle for $34.99. You can also purchase the story mode for $14.99. The other great thing about Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate and Core Fighters is that all of your saved data including game progress, levels, unlocked costumes and titles from the original games will carry over to the new one. Any DLC costumes you bought will also be carried over. 

This is perfect for someone like me that has been salty about this re-release since it was announced. I already own both Dead Or Alive 5 and Dead Or Alive 5: Plus on the Vita and this not being a free update for those who already own the originals seemed like a slap in the face to me. At the very least I was hoping it would be a paid upgrade pack like the Street Fighter games have done over the last few years. I got over it, and realized that Core Fighters is perfect for those who already own the original game. 

I already beat the story mode, so there is no need to play that again. I also only used about five to six characters on the original Dead Or Alive 5 roster so I will only spend about $15 on buying new characters, which seems like a fair amount to pay for the new game. 
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