Free DmC DLC today, premium DmC DLC later

by: Nathaniel -
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Despite not being the biggest fan of the Eastern action titles, I found the reboot of Devil May Cry, called DmC Devil May Cry, to be pretty awesome.  To make things even more awesome Capcom has announced that the free Bloody Palace mode I talked about last month is now available.  So if you've finished the game and want to show the world that you're the best DmCer to ever don a stylish jacket, then you have 100 levels and 5 bosses on which to demonstrate your skill to the world via the worldwide leaderboard.

Also announced is the release date and price point for the first premium DLC pack called Vergil's Downfall.  In case you don't know, Vergil is sort an important character in the Devil May Cry mythos.  You can play his downfall starting on March 5th for 720 Microsoft Points/$8.99.  Of course, if you pre-ordered DmC Devil May Cry from the right retailer, you get it for free thanks to the single-use code that came with your new copy of the game.
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