Former Sony boss says they will tie Nintendo in 2011

by: John -
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Chris Deering, formerly of Sony, predicts the Sony will tie Nintendo by 2011 for hardware sales. He's comparing the sales of the Wii and DS with those of the PS3, PS2, and PSP. I think that's a little skewed to throw the PS2 in there to try and make up for the vast lead the DS and Wii has. In any case, he goes on to say that Sony will sell about 70 million machines by then. Oh and the 360? Just 40 million or a little more than half of what the PS3 is going to sell. They got a long way to go if that's going to happen though. I think the PS3 has potential to pass the 360 but I don't think it would do it by an almost 2-1 margin though.
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