First glimpse at Devil May Cry in HD

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has decided to jump on the HD trilogy bandwagon and release the original Devil May Cry Trilogy for the modern consoles in the form of Devil May Cry HD Collection. This much we already know, but the question on everyone’s mind is just how good the game is (or isn’t) going to look. Well, Capcom hopes to give us a glimpse at that answer with the first official trailer for the game.

What you see below is the “attract mode” trailer for the game, also known as that video that plays when you leave a game idle on the title screen for too long. You have to admit, the old games don’t look too shabby in their new HD duds. While they may not look as fancy as something created explicitly for the modern consoles, they all look leaps and bounds better than their original releases.

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