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Paradox Interactive has recently released a new game play trailer for their upcoming game Magicka: Wizard Wars.  The trailer shows off a little bit of gameplay that displays the same real-time magic casting system found in the first game, so right away it's nice to see the controls and combat we're familiar with from the original.  Magicka: Wizard Wars is set to release sometime in 2014, but if you would like to sign up for the Alpha, head on over to


If You Want to See the Wizards of Magicka: Wizard Wars, They’ll Be in Their (Gameplay) Trailer

First Footage of Forthcoming Fire-Flinging Fun Found, Alpha Sign-ups Start Straightaway

NEW YORK — July 18, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a tailor of trailers, unveiled the very first in-game footage of Magicka: Wizard Wars in a new video released today. Sorcery enthusiasts worldwide can get a glimpse of the forthcoming wizard-dueling, element-combining, peer-immolating action PvP title in motion, and see what it looks like when two groups of wizards stop playing nice and actually try to obliterate each other. Once they’ve witnessed the chaos, interested players can sign up for the forthcoming Alpha and add their names to the list of people who would be okay with a frozen chunk of stone smashing their face in.
In Magicka: Wizard Wars, two teams of four wizards each will cast, blast, and get sassed by one another in pitched battles, utilizing the celebrated dynamic real-time spellcasting system of Magicka, along with some new tricks. In true Magicka fashion, friendly fire is in full effect, and hundreds of spell combinations are possible, with victory going to the wizards who can think and act the fastest – and stay out of the line of fire. With short battles, skill-based spell-offs, and a set of marvelous robes, Magicka: Wizard Wars aims to provide multiplayer aficionados with a new option for PvP mayhem.

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