First PC screens for Mortal Kombat look as good as you would expect

by: Jeremy -
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Finally, oh finally, NetherRealm is answering the call of its fans and releasing Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition for the PC. We knew that already thanks to Nathan, but now we are getting our first glimpse at the project and it pretty much looks exactly like you would expect. The PC version of the game will likely be the best looking version to date, depending on the strength of your system of course. However, that isn’t why I am excited: I can’t wait to see what the PC gaming community does with the game when they get their hands on it. Whether mods are officially supported or not, you know that the crafty PC gamers are going to find a means of manipulating the game’s content (just look at Street Fighter IV).
Anyways, look for the game later this Summer and check out what you have to look forward to below:

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