First NGP screenshots appear before E3

by: Jeremy -
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It is a foregone conclusion that one of the primary focuses of Sony’s E3 presence this year will be on their new handheld system, currently referred to as the Sony NGP. Many were impressed at the brief glimpses that were given of the handheld earlier this year, especially considering how “good” the games looked. This morning, Mobile Review released the first of what will likely be a flood of NGP preview articles, showcasing many of the games being detailed for the system at this year’s E3.

Unfortunately, the link is currently down due to overwhelming traffic, but that won’t stop up from taking a look at the gorgeous screenshots of a variety of titles including Uncharted, Wipeout 2048, Super StarDust Portable, Reality Fighters, Hustle Kings, and many others. There is no doubting the graphical capabilities of this little system as the screens below look absolutely amazing, especially for a handheld...

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