Finalists for the Madden 11 cover curse identified

by: Dan -
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Its getting about that time when some unlucky soul NFL player will be picked to grace the cover of Madden 11 and will learn his fate destiny for the upcoming 2010 NFL season. Last year, a dual cover with Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu resulted in a 50-50 shot of who would get the curse, and the winner was Polamalu with multiple knee injuries and missed games. This year, there are three finalists for the career killer distinction in Drew Brees, Reggie Wayne and Jared Allen.

The best part is that the fans will get to decide who gets the curse. Head over to every day to vote for the player you most feel deserves a season ending injury the honor. My money is on Jared Allen, because I hate the Vikings. Really, no other reason.
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