Final Fantasy XII to ship in Japan on March 16... of 2006

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We got less than one year to go before the next Final Fantasy is among us... well the Japanese atleast, as Final Fantasy XII will be shipping for the PS2 on Martch 16 of 2006. There's no official release date for us North American folks, but that it will be released sometime in 2006.
North American Release Scheduled for 2006

TOKYO, Japan (August 1, 2005) Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Square Enix) the industry-leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software including two of the world’s most popular franchises FINAL FANTASY and DRAGON QUEST™ has announced the Japanese release date of FINAL FANTASY XII for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. The long-awaited role-playing game (RPG) will ship to retailers in Japan on March 16, 2006. The North American version is scheduled for release later in 2006.

Since its debut in 1987, the FINAL FANTASY series has sold over 63 million units worldwide. With its cutting-edge visuals, unique worlds, and intricate narrative, FINAL FANTASY has defined the role-playing genre, and continues to be adored by fans across the globe. FINAL FANTASY XII, the latest installment in the series, carries on this proud tradition.

Groundbreaking real-time graphics that push the envelope of the PlayStation2 capabilities and advanced pre-rendered movies bring the breathtaking world of FINAL FANTASY XII to life. This world sets the stage for an intricately woven story filled with a colorful cast of unique characters and creations.


With a deep and intricately woven story at its center, FINAL FANTASY XII takes gamers to a meticulously crafted world unlike any other. Everything has been realized with painstaking attention to detail. The revolutionary gameplay, including the seamless exploration and battle system, is sure to please fans of the series both old and new.

- The Story -

It was an age when magic was commonplace and airships plied the skies, crowding out the heavens. Our tale begins in Dalmasca, one small kingdom in the world of Ivalice. There, a young orphan named Vaan dreams of escaping his life on the streets, piloting an airship of his own, free to go where he will. Against the backdrop of the war engulfing Dalmasca, Vaan meets Princess Ashe, the sole surviving heir to the Dalmascan throne who had been given up for missing. They are joined by Vaan's friend Penelo, the sky pirate Balthier, and his partner Fran. And with them is Basch, a captain in the Dalmascan army who turned traitor and slew his king. Grand adventure and unforeseen encounters set the stage of Ivalice for the telling of this epic tale.
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