Final Fantasy X HD coming to Vita and PS3 on the same day

by: Sam -
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Fans of Square-Enix's tenth Final Fantasy game have been eagerly awaiting the release of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, which was previously announced as coming to the PS3 on March 18th. A Vita version had been hinted at for a long time, and today Square-Enix announced via the PlayStation blog that the game will be coming to Sony's handheld as well, and on the same day. If you buy a physical copy of the game Final Fantasy X-2 HD will need to be downloaded separately using a code, presumably because of limited space on the Vita cartridge. 

Also announced in the same press release is an all new collector's edition of the game available through the Square Enix Online Store. This edition is only available on the PS3 and comes with a special soundtrack as well as an art book and a set of art prints. It will cost $79.99. 

I'm extremely excited to hear confirmation of the Vita version as it will definitely be my preferred way to play the game. I've never actually managed to beat the game, so maybe having it to take on the go will help me find the time to complete Tidus' epic adventure. 


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