Feast your eyes on Bass

by: Jeremy -
More On: Mega Man 10
 We posted the first details regarding Bass' DLC release for Mega Man 10 yesterday and today we get to see him in action!  AS reported yesterday, the DLC that will make Bass a playable character will be available on 4/5/2010... though we now know that he will be hitting all of the platforms on that date.  Wii, 360, and PS3 owners alike will be able to add a little variety to their game with Bass for $2 on that date.  
Bass will play a little differently than either Mega Man or Proto Man do, who are both included in the initial release of the game.  When playing as Bass, you will be able to shoot in pretty much every direction, which will add a different element to the game as neither Mega Man nor Proto Man are capable of the same action.  Most gamers look at this feature and think "big deal", but die-hard Mega Man fans know exactly what sort of difference this will make in the gameplay.  You can check out the first images of Bass in the game below:

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