Farming Simulator makes hay while the sun shines on PS3 and Xbox 360 this November

by: Randy -
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You only have to hold your breath a few weeks longer, agriculture fans. Farming Simulator is finally coming to consoles on November 19. We thought there was room for improvement on the PC's Farming Simulator 2013 version, but hey, this upcoming console version topped charts in Europe and Japan, so 'Murica finally gets to take a swing a being a farmer in the dell. I'll admit, there's an appeal to drive big ol' boss machines that I haven't driven in real life. Plus, you get to raise cows, chickens, and sheep alongside your dreams to outrun the grapes of wrath. I think I just made a literary reference. Steinbeck'd.

The video below does a strangely good job of glamorizing the farming life with some fast-slow-fast camera work and electronic dance music. Because all the farmers I've met listen to dubstep lite.

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