Farming Simulator 2013: 2 million mods downloaded and counting

by: Sean Colleli -
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Farming Simulator 2013 is barely over a month old and already fans have hit the official mod server 2 million times. Developer Giant Software was pretty smart in establishing an official Mod Hub to cater to the game's fanbase and enable quick, easy access to all of the user generated content building up around the game.

Our own Travis Huinker liked the game but felt that there wasn't enough guidance and structure for inexperienced players to use the formidable amount of content included in the base game. With even more fan-made content growing every day the dedicated players may love it, but so many mods might exacerbate the game's original accessibility issues.

Farming Simulator 2013: Over 2 Million Official Mods Already Downloaded by Players

PARIS - Nov. 27, 2012 - Released only one month ago, Farming Simulator 2013 on PC has enjoyed international success, by adapting  all the challenges and fun of agriculture and farming into a video game.

The popularity earned by Giants Software's game allowed it to set a new record for mods downloaded through the official Mod Hub for Farming Simulator 2013. Over 2 million mods have already been downloaded through the Hub -- directly accessible through the game’s menu -- which offers a selection of the best mods. These mods, and the hundreds of unique mods that have already been created by players and shared through many fan sites, have given Farming Simulator 2013 a much longer lifespan and a constantly renewed gameplay experience.

Thanks to the development tools supplied with the game, players regularly create and share new content, including new vehicles, maps, equipment, buildings, as well as brand new environments, gameplay modifications… and even crazy things like flyable planes! Giants Software have joined the fun with their own mods: their “Lizard ATV” off-road quad is currently the most popular mod, with nearly 350,000 downloads! This off-road vehicle allows virtual farmers to quickly get around their immense farm, by using paths that would be inaccessible to regular farming vehicles.

2 million downloads: this is a huge number that does not include the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of downloads taking place on fan sites dedicated to modding Farming Simulator 2013!

About Farming Simulator 2013
Welcome to the largest and most exciting farming simulator ever made!Farming Simulator 2013 is bigger and enriched with outstanding content and many new features, challenging you to take on the role of a modern day farmer.
Animal husbandry, crops, sales… It's up to you to manage and grow your own farm in a huge, totally new world. As you progress in your career and complete different missions, you'll control more than a hundred farming vehicles and machines faithfully recreated from the biggest names in the industry: Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Same, Horsch and newcomer Grimme… This year, Farming Simulator is back with even more diverse crops (sugar beet and potatoes), new livestock (chicken and sheep) and new vehicles never seen before in a video game!

Farming Simulator 2013 also comes with an online mode and online services. You'll be able to manage a farm with up to 10 other players online or via local network. You can also share mods, vehicles and equipment with players from all over the world, providing unlimited hours of gameplay.

Thanks to its many new features, its new world and its huge fleet of exclusive vehicles and machines, Farming Simulator 2013 invites you aboard the largest farming simulation and the best installment in the Farming Simulator series!
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