FORCED gets it's first content update and patch

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If you haven't heard about this year's biggest underdog story in indie gaming, you should check out this short history of Forced's humble beginnings, as well as their Steam page and Russell's review. If you're already playing Forced, then you'll be happy to hear that the first batch of patches for minor bugs and connectivity issues has just been released; as well as a new survival mode called Last Man Standing.

If you want to know more about Forced or BetaDwarf, check out the links and social media info after the jump.

Forced Features:

  • Four Unique Character Classes, each with 16 unlockable abilities

  • Advanced Tactical Artificial Intelligence, where enemies work together against groups in combat, sacrificing one another as shields or buffing their monster allies on the fly to better fight players

  • The Spirit Mentor, an extra party member which gamers must control in unison to gain an upper hand over the enemy

  • A Mark Combat System, where players apply marks to enemies and then consume the marks to activate powerful skills for increased damage and effects


Dive into the action and download Forced now:


For more information about Forced and BetaDwarf:


About BetaDwarf Entertainment

BetaDwarf Entertainment, founded in 2011, is a small team of learn-hard, young developers who live together in their office near Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently realizing their dream of creating awesome multiplayer games, the team at BetaDwarf has moved from working and sleeping in a university classroom to living and working together in a shared studio. With a vision to make the best multiplayer games possible, BetaDwarf is power-leveling their development experience, with its first title, Forced, just released on PC, Linux, Mac, and planned for release on Wii U. To learn more about BetaDwarf’s unique background, please visit

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