FIRE THE SHELLY CANNONS! Super Monday Night Combat Rule Change 6 brings a new map and pieces of flair.

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239 hours. That is how much time I have been playing Super Monday Night Combat. Hey admitting you have an addiction problem is always the first step. 

Anyways its a new week and thus the rules have changed again for Super Monday Night Combat.  This weeks update brings a brand new map into the rotation called Gun Mountain. Gun Mountain will also bring a brand new hazard into the game called the Shelly Cannons which cost $750, recharge every 2 1/2 minutes and will shower the entire enemy side of the map. 

This weeks update also allows players to outfit their pros with pieces of flair. As of now you can only place flair on the pros chest but they will be updating this feature in the coming weeks 

Finally this weeks free pro rotation will include Assault, Cheston, Combat Girl, Karl, Tank, and Wascot.

Check out all the update notes, bug fixes, nerfs, buffs and more below 

New Rules
Moneyball: Damaging the Moneyball now adds 1 second to the current shield reset time with a maximum of 20 seconds, instead of automatically setting the shield reset to 20 seconds.
Base Turrets: Damaging Base Turrets now adds 1 second to the current shield reset time with a maximum of 40 seconds, instead of automatically setting the shield reset to 40 seconds.
Improved the store menu. Added larger icons. Added full uniform, head, torso, and leg filters for uniforms.
Added "Match Found" sound will now play when the game window is not in the foreground. This can be turned off in the options menu.
Added a button to hide chat in the minimized chat bar.
Changed maximum custom classes from 15 total to 5 per Pro. If you currently have more than 5 for a Pro, you will keep what you have.
Added the ability to delete custom Pros.
Improved readability of highlighted item in UI drop down lists.
Clicking on "Help" now takes into account what screen you are on.
Uniform items are now broken out into full uniform, head, torso and legs.
Player's Agent/Free Agent status is now displayed in your Profile. You are a Free Agent until you purchase something via real money. After that you become an Agent and can use Steam trading.
Death Recap UI now shows only the last 12 seconds worth of damage, giving you a better idea of how you died.
Added new effect for critical headshots.

Bug Fixes
Fixed clicking on the game window when it does not have focus issuing a click at the last position the mouse was at when it last had focus.
Fixed a failure to get Friends List with certain names.

New Bundle: 15 Pieces of Flair
New Bundle: Monday Night Fever

Added Flair: Flair are small items you can place on your Pro. Currently there is only chest pieces but this will expand in the future.
Added Flair to Post-Game Prizes
New Flair: Bullseye
New Flair: Franky
New Flair: Gracie
New Flair: Rainbow
New Flair: Target
New Flair: Magic Fart
New Flair: Peace
New Flair: Skull Haze
New Flair: Skull Crack
New Flair: Derpycorn
New Flair: Tiki
New Flair: Ammo and Bacon
New Flair: Bacon Strips
New Flair: Assassin Mudflap
New Flair: Big Angry Beaver

At'em Bomb: Removed from Post-Game Prizes because it's free.
All Magnet: Now changes the priority of pulling churros based on your current health.
Bot Buster: Fixed bonus from not resetting when the player respawned, making it so that only the first 100 bots ever added an effect.

Downtown Spunky Arena
Continued art revisions.
Optimized some of the art for better client performance.

Gun Mountain
New map: Gun Mountain
New hazard for Gun Mountain only: Shelly Cannons - $750 to use, 2 1/2 minute cooldown, shells the enemy side of the map.

Loco Moco Arena
Fixed a hole in Icemen base at the outer edge of map where Pros could get stuck.

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Shuriken Launcher: Radius 8 -> 16 - Should fix some instances of the shurikens doing no damage.

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever

Captain Spark
New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
New Uniform: Captain Romance

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever

Combat Girl
New Taunt: Monday Night Fever

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Gunner Deploy: Initial armor now increases with upgrade level: 125/250/300/400
Gunner Deploy: Headshot protection now activates at the start of the deploy, and deactivates at the end of the deploy pack up animation.
Minigun and Dual Minigun: Spin down time: 2 -> 4
Minigun and Dual Minigun: No longer sets spin to 0 when using slam or juice. If you slam or juice with the weapon spun up, you will only lose a little spin.
Minigun and Dual Minigun: Reloading now removes any spin up.

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Knee Cap: Range: 2304 -> 2048

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Venice Defense: Added death explosion and no longer stays on ground after its death.
Mona Laser: Explosive damage: 40 -> 55
Mona Laser: Damage: 55 -> 65
Mona Laser: Range: 2048/3072 -> 1536/2560
Mona Laser: Alt Fire recovery per damage: 0.075 -> 0.08
Mona Laser: Alt Fire heal will now heal friendly Combat Kitties, Firebases, and Venice Defenses.

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Rocket Ma'am: Optimized the rocket trail.

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Firebase: Now has its own death effect.
Firebase: Slightly improved the look.

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
Tank Shield: No longer protects Tank from the Annihilator or Ejectors.

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever

New Taunt: Monday Night Fever
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