Explore the Elder Forest in the new Heroes of Ruin demo

by: Sean M -
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Square Enix has just announced that a demo of their new game Heroes of Ruin is now available for free in the Nintendo eShop.

The demo takes place in the Elder Forest, where you can choose form 2 character classes: the Vindicator and Gunslinger. The Vindicator, a lion-like humanoid holy warrior, uses a two handed sword to smite his enemies while the Gunslinger uses ranged weapons to subdue his foes. As players progress through the Elder Forrest, they will be presented will multiple side quests before confronting an end boss.  

Players will also be able to use multiplayer in this demo in order to complete the main quest, either locally or through the internet.  

The final retail version of Heroes of Ruin will be available for purchase on July 17, with two more classes, the Alchitect and Savage, being added. For more information on this game, be sure to head over to their website for up to the minute news regarding the release.

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