Evil Ryu unleashed on the arcades

by: Jeremy -
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It has been known for a while that Evil Ryu wa sone of the new hidden characters in the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV; a couple of arcades actually managed to unlock him (and Oni) but relocked them at Capcom’s request. Well, Evil Ryu will be contained no more as Capcom has unlocked him via time release in the arcade version of Super Street Fighter.

Andriasang has reported that the character was unlocked in the arcades today, making him available to those lucky enough to live near a SSF4 arcade machine. Capcom has released a variety of screenshots and images depicting the new character, which you can find below. Reports indicate that Evil Ryu plays a lot like a combination of Ryu and Akuma, though he moves a bit slower and packs a little stronger of a punch. Regardless of how he plays... he looks super cool in the images below.

Now, if Capcom can just work on getting the Arcade Edition content to consoles... then we can truly be happy.

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