Evil Ryu and Oni confirmed playable in SSF4 Arcade

by: Jeremy -
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The arcade version of Super Street Fighter 4 continues to make non-Japanese fans jealous as the two newest characters have now been revealed to be playable. Both Evil Ryu and Oni (God Akuma) were discovered to be playable over the course of the past week.

Numerous videos have surfaced on Youtube showing both characters in action but Capcom has been diligent in taking them down as soon as they pop up. Both players looks to play differently than their standard counterparts, especially Oni. The characters even have their own endings in the game. I won’t post any videos here out of respect for Capcom’s wishes, but Siliconera has managed to snag a couple of screenshots showing both on the character select screen. You can find those below.

I am one of the hopeful that still holds on to the possibility that Capcom will release the Arcade Edition as a downloadable update to Super Street Fighter IV. Series producer Yoshinori Ono has been teasing that an announcement could be coming as soon as April’s annual Captivate event. <crosses fingers>

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