"Everybody Wants Some!!" Mercenaries 2 achievements

by: Randy -
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"Everybody Wants Some!!"  And the Mercenaries 2: World in Flames developers know it.  Pandemic Studios will be on hand from September 5 - 12, providing the arena for Xbox LIVE members and the devs to battle it out.  Face off against them and you'll be one of the first to get the 50-point "Everybody Wants Some!!" achievement.  Not only that, but the achievement will be virally passed on to anyone challenging those that already have the achievement.  Check for these Gamertags to get some:
  • MercsDev1:  James Wahlquist, Designer
  • MercsDev2:  David Padron, Junior Technical Artist
  • MercsDev3:  Jeremy Swigart, Programmer
  • MercsDev4:  Albert Lo, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev5:  Ali Zandi, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev6:  Manny Diaz, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev7:  Ed Kim, Programmer
  • MercsDev8:  Scott Warner, Lead Designer
  • MercsDev9:  Drew Marlowe, Designer
  • MercsDev10:  Brad Welch, Senior Designer
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