Enlist now for Gratuitous Tank Battles

by: Travis -
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Listen up soldier, I have an important bulletin regarding the recent release of tower defense game, Gratuitous Tank Battles. From developer Positech Games, creator of Gratuitous Space Battles, proudly proclaims that its latest game release is unlike like any other tower defense game on the market. Gamers can play as either the role of defender or attacker on every map. The game boasts an impressive feature list including custom unit design, in-game map editor, online map sharing system, and adaptive AI that bases actions upon the current player's decisions. Even more impressive yet, the game includes an ability to replay against saved recordings of your actions from previous attack and defense levels.

Described as an alternate history game, players will battle in World War I that still rages on after 200 years between the British and German forces. Warfare has extended beyond traditional weaponry to include deadly lasers and mechs.

Gratuitous Tank Battles is available now for Windows PC through the developer's website, Steam, GamersGate, and Impulse.

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