Endless Space celebrates new add-on with free Steam weekend

by: Travis -
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Turn-based 4X strategy, science fiction-inspired game Endless Space has received a significant, free add-on titled Echoes of the Endless, which is just in time for its free weekend on Steam that is also available now. The free Steam weekend that lasts until December 3 is running alongside a community event that will unlock additional content as the game gains more unique players. In addition, the game is on sale with a 50% discount that is active through the weekend.

Features of the “Echoes of the Endless” add-on:

Echoes of the Endless will bring more immersion to the game thanks to features chosen by the community via GAMES2GETHER votes, such as:

  • Exploration Rewards
  • Interactive Random Events
  • Natural and Endless Wonders
  • More life on the Galaxy Map (Comets, Black Holes, Pulsars, etc.)

This add-on will also include features to add atmosphere to the game such as:

  • Victory and Defeat End Game illustrations
  • Narrative responses in Diplomacy
  • 5 New Music Tracks

Echoes of the Endless also adds:

  • 5 New Heroes
  • Sentry Mode to available fleet actions
  • Auto-Cycle button to enable the review of all fleets without orders
  • Galaxy Generation Seed Number displayed in the pause menu
  • Refactored Hero Ability Trees

and makes the Multiplayer experience smoother with:

  • Steam "Regional" Parameter set to "Worldwide"
  • Less game disconnections related to the Steam servers
  • Enhanced Game Lobby (shows all active games and specific version info, MODs included)

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