El Shaddai E3 trailer (part 2) released

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E3 is definitely the place for new trailer launches. If there isn’t a booth that we’re staring at, it’s some sort of screen. While the first E3 trailer reveal for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron has already been out on the Internets, the second part to this trailer was released yesterday.

This part 2 trailer gets more personal with Lucifel, a powerul archangel who guides the protagonist, Enoch, on his journey under the war between Heaven and the Fallen Angels. The trailer gives a good impression of the kind of art style that is to be incorporated in the action fantasy title, as well as a piece of the 2D and 3D platforming gameplay. Check all of this out below. 

Glendale, CA-June 22, 2010-UTV Ignition Entertainment today released the second of a two-part epic trailer for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, the highly-anticipated fantasy action title coming to PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360™ in 2011. Following on the heels of the first part of the trailer, which debuted last week during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, chapter two brings players face to face with Lucifel, one of the game's lead characters and Heaven's most powerful archangel. Lucifel is responsible for guiding Enoch, a brave and just human and the game's protagonist, through a pivotal battle raging between Heaven and the Fallen Angels. The trailers together provide players with more than 10 minutes of stunning gameplay video that highlight El Shaddai's gorgeous art style, biblical inspiration and multiple types of gameplay including 2D and 3D platforming and unique, action-packed battle system.

Developed by a hugely-talented, Tokyo-based team headed by the legendary Sawaki Takeyasu (Devil May Cry) and Masato Kimura (Okami, Viewtiful Joe), El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron draws players into a rich storyline inspired by events in the Old Testament's apocryphal 'Book of Enoch.' In the game, players take on the role of Enoch and must harness his natural combat skills to master a range of powerful and Heavenly weapons under the guidance of the watchful Archangels. Only then will he be able to deliver the souls of the Fallen Angels and spare the world from a great flood ordered by Heaven. 
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