ESRB re-rates Oblivion/Official response from Bethesda

by: Chuck -
More On: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Earlier today the ESRB re-rated Oblvion from a T to an M due to there being more violence in the game than was originally submitted as well the release of a mod for the PC version that adds topless women to the game.  Bethesda has taken the high road and issued an official response.

Personally this reeks of absolute BS on the part of the ESRB as the violence in the game is no where near the level of other M rates titles.  Sure there is a little bit of blood in the game but it's nothing that graphic and I've seen worse on TV.  The second part, the addition of female breasts, by a THIRD PARTY is even worse.  What people do with the product after they buy it is not the fault of the manufacturer.  If I spray paint a pair of boobies on the hood of my car it's not the fault of BMW.  Crikes, I guess it's just  a matter of time before Jack Thompson claims credit for this...meh.
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