EA's going to offer you a free game for your SimCity troubles

by: John -
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It's been a trying week for SimCity hasn't it? I'm still trying to get myself in the game and haven't had any luck. A few of my friends got to play bits and pieces, which is good. Still, many folks are still having problems.

For your troubles though, EA's offering a free downloadable game for those who activated their game prior to March 18th. That's a pretty good gesture on their part, well, depending on the game. But, at least they are trying. It's probably not going to go over well still with a bunch of folks, but those are the ones that usually complain no matter what.

They still really need to fix this issue and fix it soon. The additional servers are good, but I hope this is a lesson to Maxis, EA, and everyone else in the industry.

James Stevenson had a good point. Perhaps their beta, which was limited to an hour, threw off EA's estimate on what server capacity they needed since the amount of people playing at once was skewed considering the time constraint placed on the beta. 

In the end, we all just want to be able to play the game so EA, let's hope the server situation gets fixed pronto.
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