EA opens up a new DICE studio specifically for Star Wars games

by: John -
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Let's just forget they let go 10% of their workforce recently. EA is opening up a nice studio in Los Angeles to handle their recent acquisition of the Star Wars license. This DICE studio has some staff members that worked on Medal of Honor and should be 60 strong by the end of the year.

With it being a DICE sister studio, it's a safe bet that the game they will be working on will be a first person shooter. There's been some tries at modding the Battlefield game with Star Wars vehicles and weapons, but we'll finally be able to play a game that's officially licensed and professionally worked on. Not to say the mod folks don't do good work, they do. 

Now are we going to get a new Battlefront? Or would a new Jedi Knight game be on hand? I'm down with either personally, but probably lean towards a new Battlefront game.
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