EA forms new studio for new C&C

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Electronic Arts has come clean on the existence of a new internal studio that is working on a completely new Command & Conquer project. The initial reveal of both came inadvertently with an accidental update to the C&C website, which was originally reported by RPS. Once the cat was out of the bag, the full reveal was inevitable now we have it...

The head of the new studio, Jon Van Canegham has gone on the record and stated that the new studio, entitled Victory Games, was started to focus on the creation of strategy games for EA. The first project, which is already well underway, aims to bring a new AAA Comman & Conquer game to the PC. Canegham noted that the studio was working on more than just that game though and is currently laying the foundation for some core technology to advance the genre and their studio as a whole.

I don’t think anyone would take issue with more Command & Conquer... would they?

Source: Industry Gamers

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