EA Giving up on NFL Head Coach 09 already?

by: Dan -
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There was an interesting blurb out of the Madden NFL 09 release today that has me wondering if EA is giving up on the supposedly resurrected NFL Head Coach franchise:

"NFL Head Coach 09 is scheduled to ship only as a part of the Madden NFL 09 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition,..."

Back on February 26th, when EA announced NFL Head Coach 09, I think it was generally assumed that it would be a stand-alone title. Although the release never made mention of a price, release date or details other than the consoles it would appear on, it just came across that way. The games producer, Jeremy Strauser was even interviewed by 1UP at the time and did not make mention of it being a companion piece, although the 1UP piece did question the game niche segment. So I guess the next question is whether EA is using this 20th Anniversary collection as a re-launching point for this as a stand-alone franchise, or did they realize the game has a very limited niche market and tried to gracefully opt-out of further development?
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