E3 2010: What is Big 3 Gun Shooting?

by: Jeremy -
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Big 3 Gun Shooting was one of the third party titles that has been announced by Sony for the PlayStation Move. The title, from Namco Bandai, is scheduled to launch in Japan for the new peripheral and likely in the rest of the world shortly after. If it does leave Japan, let's hope for a better title.

The title consists of 3 of the most popular arcade shooters of our time, all with added PlayStation Move support. The package will include Time Crisis Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4, and Dead Storm Pirates. Each of the games included will be given unique new features for their new platform of distribution such as PSN Trophies and online leaderboards.

The title will not only be compatible with the PlayStation Move, but the familiar Guncon controllers for the PlayStation console(s) will be supported as well. Of course, Big 3 Gun Shooting also provides the perfect reason to buy the Move gun attachment as well... so the choice is yours. The title is being planned for (Japanese) release this fall.

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