E3 2010: Two more confirmed for MvC3 roster

by: Jeremy -
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Did you peek through the pictures that Chuck posted yesterday of various posters he has seen around the E3 conference? One of the images he captures was a poster from Capcom for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Upon closer inspection of the image, it appears that Capcom has officially outed two more, previously rumored characters.

Perhaps “rumored” isn’t quite the right word, as many eagle eyed gamers recognized their silhouettes in Capcom’s various images from the start. That doesn’t matter, it is official now: we can add Felicia and Captain America to the known roster of characters in the game. We are edging ever so slowly toward the completed roster, which should ring in at about 45 characters. Remember, the internal build as of mid-April had about 30 playable characters in it... we now know of ten. I wonder how many we will know by the end of this week?

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