E3 2010: Nintendogs + Cats info, screens, and trailer

by: Jeremy -
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I know, I know... I can probably put this right up there next to Kinectimals in terms of the general gamer’s interest... but it has my attention (you know, that daughter I mentioned regularly). Nintendo has an all new version of Nintendogs ready to roll for the Nintendo DS, only this time cats will be joining in on the fun.

Iwata announced Nintendogs + Cats at the Nintendo press conference at E3. The new version of the game will allow players to adopt the animal of their choosing from an assortment of either cats or dogs, and interact with them through a variety of activities. Actually, judging by some of the screens below, you may be able to own at least one of each; I see a cat roaming around the background while the player is interfacing with the dog.

The original Nintendogs game(s) were a smash hit back in 2005 and were one of the title that set the DS on fire in terms of its popularity. Nintendo is hoping that the new title can do the same with the 3DS. You can check out a few shots of those cuddly, little creatures below:

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