E3 2010: MMA Supremacy (Impressions)

by: Chuck -
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The folks at Kung Fu Factory want you to know that Supremacy MMA isn’t going to be your standard licensed MMA game. Instead they are going for a fun, fast paced experience that’s the complete opposite of simulation heavy games like UFC Undisputed 2010. I’m also guessing that the MMA titles from EA and THQ aren’t going to have cockfighting and strippers in the background but that’s just me.

The footage we saw was bit rough around the edges as it was only about 30% complete but the action was certainly more faced paced than what I’ve seen in other MMA titles. Since Kung Fu Factory isn’t licensing the game they also have complete creative control which means they can have broken bones and cracked skulls if they want to.

Why would you have these things? Well because Supremacy MMA isn’t focusing on just the big stages of the world but also on the seedier side of the sport (hence the fighting in a barn with strippers and cock-fighting). This means you will have matches without referees so anything goes.

They were mum on the story mode of the game but it’s not hard to imagine having a game where you go from starting your career in bars and barns and then progress up to local veterans halls and then finally up to the large arenas of the world.

The game is still very early in development so details on the fighting styles, number of players, and various other key things are under wraps. If you’re an MMA fan who’s dissatisfied with the existing franchises (like the guy who shouted at John and me to tell THQ that the UFC Undisputed 2010 online sucked on our way back from the show on Tuesday night) then you’ll want to keep an eye on Supremacy MMA.
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