E3 2010: MGS: Rising cuts through the competition

by: Jeremy -
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At Microsoft’s press conference this afternoon, Konami unveiled a new look at the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The new game, which features the fan favorite Raiden as the main character, will launch as an exclusive title for the Xbox 360.

Hideo Kojima and Shigenobu Matsuyama explained that the new title would take the Metal Gear solid series in a unique direction. The game is focused around the two kanji “zan” and “datsu”, which mean “cut” and “take”. Swordplay is the name of the game when one controls Raiden as opposed to Snake. The trailer demonstrated the philosophy as Raiden sliced apart a mechanized enemy and took what appeared to be his spine before the body hit the floor.

A brief gameplay montage closes out the video showing that Raiden is capable of slicing through anything at will throughout the game. One of the most memorable scenes shown includes Raiden taking out stone pillars in order to collapse a terrace onto enemies.

Hopefully more information about the game is forthcoming but in the meantime check out the trailer shown at the event:

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