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Wizards of the Coast has unleashed its new Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures application on an unsuspecting Facebook community today. This strangely addictive little app. has overburdened servers with members waiting anxiously for their next adventure to begin.

You start by selecting one of several character templates. I chose the Elf Ranger by a narrow margin over the Tiefling Warlock. After naming her, I sent her into the nearest swamp to gain some experience which hopefully comes with gold and loot. Part of the draw to Tiny Adventures is winning or purchasing new potions, weapons and armor to trick out you character with. Each step of an adventure comes with a blow by blow commentary that will appeal to anyone whose sense of humor is a bit on the dark side and pop culture references.

WotC has discovered a very simple, ingenious way to introduce a lot of new people to D&D 4.0. The cooperative team building nature of the new Pen and Paper rules are mirrored in Tiny Adventures which allows players to heal or buff their friends. The game is addictive and will have you leaving your Facebook open so you count the minutes until you can continue your adventures. To get in on the game, check out the latest WotC Digital Insider or look up the Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures application on Facebook.
Dungeons & Dragon: Tiny Adventures

Yesterday we launched a Facebook Application called Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures (note: you must be pre-logged in to Facebook). It’s basically a free game that we’re giving away to Facebook users in an effort to draw more attention to D&D in general and to the D&D Insider free trial in particular. The game lets you choose a character and then send that character off on adventures. You can just check in on your character periodically and read updates (I think of them as postcards from the road) or you can spend lots of time fiddling with potions and inventory. In addition, you and your friends can buff and heal each other so it pays off to get all your friends to play too. We’re pretty happy with it – I think it’s a fun diversion for hard-core D&D players and it’s also a fun introduction for newbies. You should definitely let us know what you think and spread the word that it’s out there.
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