Dungeonland gets a launch trailer

by: Chuck -
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Dungeonland is a cool little game that Paradox has some how sneaked onto the market this week.  The concept is cool and a bit of a twist on the old Dungeon Keeper formula.  Instead of a dungeon up to three players have to wade their way through a Disneyland style theme park that is chock full of monsters and trap while a fourth player tries to kill them off by setting up the monsters and traps.  Right now the game is PC only but hopefully this game will eventually make it's way to Xbox Live arcade as this would seem to be a good fit for the service.

I saw the game at GDC last year and had a blast playing it.  Not only does the game have a really twisted sense of humor but the graphics are absolutely gorgeous as you can see from the launch trailer below.  The game will only set you back $9.99 so it's not much of a risk and  the co-op nature means that no game will ever play the same.

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