Duke Nukem has been dismissed....with prejudice!

by: John -
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Looks like Take Two and 3D Realms are dismissing their lawsuits with each other over Duke Nukem Forever. Does this mean we might get to see a finished game with said title? Who knows. We just know that if they do decide to move forward with the game than there isn't anything legally holding them back now.

Things are all settled between the two so where do we go from here now? From all the leaks of footage and assets, there seemed to be a good vibe coming from those that saw the unfinished product. I'm one of those that would like to see the game get the gold stamp and be pushed out to the masses. It's been a long, long time and while I know some folks are sick of Mr. Nukem, I think there are plenty of people left that would love to see the next iteration and perhaps, a revival of the character and universe for future exploration.
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