Dreadball Kickstarter update! What you get in your first shipment

by: Nathan -
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Dreadball is ready to shipped out to those who backed the game on Kickstarter and we have a video from Mantic games showing off what everyone will get in their first shipments. 

Depending on what Kickstarter package you decided to back or if you bought additional items you will get some/all of the following items when the game starts shipping next week. 
  • Dreadball game
  • 80+ page rule book
  • Dreadball game pitch
  • All season 1 teams including Trontek 29ers, Greenmoon Smackers, Midguard Delvers, Skittersneak Stealers
  • Referee minature
  • 2 game balls
  • 40 hex clear game bases to put the miniatures on
  • 3 sets of dice for home team, away team and coaches
  • Dreadball game cards
  • Decals to label figurines
  • Roster cards to keep track of each member of the team
  • 8 Season 1 MVP's
  • Special Kickstarter backer trophy 
  • Exclusive Kickstarter counters for the game
  • T-Shirts for those who bought them separately 
  • Quadrant Zero Pitch
  • Co-Prosperity Park Pitch with specialized team markers
  • 2012/2013 hand signed Dreadball game ticket thanking you for your donation

I cannot wait to get this game and start painting the miniatures which is a new hobby I have recently gotten into. Now for those who don't know much about the game and saw 80+ page rule book please don't be discouraged. The game is very easy to pick up and play and the rule book will also include biographies for all of the teams, MVP's along with the story of Dreadball itself. 

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