Dragon Age Origins - Awakening Anders reveal video

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With a back story akin to Anakin Skywalker's and a demeanor not unlike Han Solo, as a character Anders is somewhere between spider-man and emo spider-man. He is making his debut appearance in Dragon Age Origins - Awakening, the next it what is sure to be a never ending march of expanded content from BioWare.
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Reveals – Anders

Hail Grey Warden!

Venture with us into the world known as ‘Amaranthine’ as BioWare reveals new information about the upcoming expansion pack Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening.  Below are new details and a video of a new party member, Anders.  We appreciate all of the tales you have been relaying to your readers and look forward to seeing your coverage this week.



Many mages chafe under the Chantry’s control, and Anders is no exception. Although most mages are brought into the Circle at a young age, Anders was an adolescent by the time the templars found him: he had an understanding of the outside world and knew full well what he was missing. To him, the walls of the Circle Tower were nothing more than a prison. A born troublemaker, Anders repeatedly broke out of the tower, displaying great ingenuity. But for all his resourcefulness and talent, he could never quite elude the templars. It’s a lucky thing that Anders despises blood mages as much as the Chantry does, else he might have been executed as a suspected maleficarum long ago. In truth, all he wants is freedom--well, freedom, a good meal, and a pretty girl on his arm. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
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