Dragon Age II expansion cancelled

by: Nathaniel -
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What's that you say?  You didn't know there even was a Dragon Age II expansion to get cancelled?  Well, that's because no one knew about it as it was never even announced.  But before you start cheering/crying over the death of one of BioWare's beloved/most hated franchises, you can rest assured that the franchise isn't being canned.  BioWare has just decided to move on from Dragon Age II and point the franchise in a new direction (to pave the way for a potential Dragon Age III I would assume).

It was called Exalted March and it wasn't cut from the original game, but rather, it was wholly conceived after Dragon Age II had been out for a while.  But Instead of finishing it BioWare has decided to look back and see what their older franchises can tell them about where Dragon Age should go in the future.  Considering how revered BioWare's older RPGs are, that can only be seen as good news by many.

[via: gametrailers.com]
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