Double Fine Adventure Game revealed as Broken Age

by: Travis -
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Tim Schafer and the Double Fine crew revealed today at PAX East that their Kickstarter-funded adventure game is known as Broken Age. The point-and-and-click adventure's narrative follows the parallel lives of a young boy and girl. The boy lives alone on spaceship that's monitored by a sort of mother computer, which he wants to break free from and pursue his own adventures. On the other hand, the girl has rebelled against her village in which they decreed she be sacrificed to a monster. The end result as the game's premise so eloquently puts, "Adventures ensue."

Those individuals that missed the Kickstarter campaign, but are still interested in viewing the development documentary series created by 2 Player Productions can pre-order the game to gain access. Visit the game's website for additional information including pre-order details.

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