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Video games are a fabulous thing.  Donating to a worthy cause is equally awesome.  Donate Games has asked, "Why not combine these two very good things?" Donate Games is a charity that provides funding for research of cures for rare diseases.  It also supports the children and families that are affected by them.  Additionally, Donate Games promotes awareness by helping inform the general public.

Publisher Meridian4 has made a donation to the cause and encourages others to do the same.  Support can be given in multiple ways:
  1. Send in your used or new video games.  They will return a receipt so you can claim a tax write off.
  2. Purchase games from their site.  Funds from the purchase will go to the cause.
  3. Donate cash directly.
Find out all the details of how it works here or click here to browse the selection of games available for purchase.
It’s the Time of Giving!
Montreal, Quebec, Canada – December 17, 2009 – Meridian4 ( celebrates the season by making a donation to DonateGames ( and encourages other publishers to do the same, especially during this time of year.
“This Meridian4 donation represents what we know to be true, gamers are good.  Video games new and used are being recycled to help others. Gamers are also great communicators and users of technology. This donation is important, gamers are telling each other about our work, and as the word spreads, the video game community and video game playing families with rare, neglected diseases are contacting DonateGames with stories of the joy and inspiration from knowing the gaming community, like Meridians4 are helping spread the word, generate relief funds and create global awareness for the rare and neglected disease community." said Jim Carol of DonateGames.
“We discovered DonateGames at a game convention and after reading their literature, we thought it was a great idea and a one we wanted to get behind. The three directors at Meridian4 all have children and we know how devastating it would be if they were afflicted with a debilitating or fatal disease. This is a terrific idea and we hope that other gaming companies and gamers will get involved.” said Steve Milburn, Director at Meridian4.
About DonateGames
Founded upon the belief that people can change the world by simply donating their unwanted video games, Donate Games is a charity dedicated to funding research and support for children and their families of rare, neglected diseases and the millions of Americans affected by them. Donate Games collects new and used video game donations and then resells them online to help the millions of young people suffering from these neglected disorders. In addition to raising funds for research on the diseases, the organization promotes awareness information and provides advisory services to the general public. Game donations, game purchases and volunteer opportunities are all processed via
To learn about how the charity works and what you can do to support –
To directly access the online store to purchase a game –
To become a fan of on Facebook -
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