Developer OUYA boxes shipping on time

by: John -
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Well, this is the first major hurdle crossed  for the upstart console OUYA, and as a backer of the Kickstarter, I just got word that they will indeed be shipping the developer consoles on time. We're talking a few days after they leave the factory on December 28th. 

Now, all consoles will be "developer" consoles, but there's something special about these ones for those who ponied up the extra cash to get it early. OUYA uses the term rare drop, which makes a Diablo 3 player like me smile a little bit. The ODK, as they call it, will be available to download soon for all if you want to make sure your game can use the included controller and that it plays well on a large screen.

They've been playing around with the prototype at their offices for a bit and you can see it from the picture below. It's a lot smaller than I imagined, which should look pretty good near my TV and tucked neatly away. 

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