Delay in Nyko's PS2 controller adapter for the PS3

by: John -
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When I was at CES visiting Nyko they had a product that would have made my decision to get a PlayStation 3 sooner. Seeing as Guitar Hero is one of my favorite games, I didn't want to replace my PS2 with a PS3 just yet with the lack of controller ports on the PS3. Nyko had on display but not working an adapter to allow for PS2 controllers to work on a PS3. Golden right? Well Kotaku has a story saying that the adapter is on hold for now. Could Sony have pressured Nyko into halting production on the product? I don't buy the limitations of the PS3 hardware excuse on this one. Maybe, just maybe Sony's looking at coming out with their own adapter. Probably not but hey, this news wasn't something I want to see starting out the weekend.  At least I have the 360 version to look forward to next week.
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